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* Software Design & Development
  • Experienced in designing software packages from the ground up
  • Focused on the end user and on a timely completion of the project
  • Over 15 years experience in the commercial software industry
  • Experience integrating large software systems
  • Knowledgable in C, Perl, Tcl, Fortran, Java and other programming languages
  • Graphical environments: X, OpenGL, Tk
  • Revision control: RCS, perforce
* Engineering Analysis
  • Over 20 years experience in finite element analysis and computational fluid dynamics
  • Model definition
  • Grid generation
  • Analysis
  • Post processing
  • Engineering assessment
* Web Development
  • Experience with CGI scripting, server-side includes, HTML, CSS
  • Web systems: Apache web server, linux, Win NT
  • Dynamic websites: perl, javascript, MySQL database support
* Web Hosting
  • Over 10 years experience running custom web servers
  • Dedicated machines in a secure building with generator power backup
  • Sophisticated web traffic logging and analysis available

* Systems Support
  • Experience with most varieties of UNIX / PC systems
  • Knowledge of system and networking setup
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